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Outreach India Continued

At the Orphanage the team found a fantastic Christian warden responsible for the boys education, health, comfort and spiritual well being. He is doing a truly wonderful job and immediate friendships were established.


Within the Seminary the team were 'blown away' by the presence of the Holy Spirit hovering over the place as the teaching staff prepare dedicated young people for the ministry.  They were deeply impacted by the students we met and their genuine love and vision for God.  The Graduation ceremony was a deeply moving experience and the team were accepted as 'honoured guests, to give out graduation awards, pray with and pray over the students.


What Next


The team left Paippad with a deep hunger to 'do something' to help the ministry of NIEA.  As to what, that was the subject of a lot of prayer.


During the time at the Orphanage the team had felt a need to help improve the comfort of theboys who sleep on beds of wooden boards.  After discussing the matter with Dr Philip it was decided that efforts would be made to raise funds to buy each of the 88 boys a mattress and pillow.


During the spring/early summer in Belfast, people from the church and their friends and colleagues from all walks in life walked, sang, baked, cooked, ate, made, donated, supported, gave, helped to raise funds.  As a result at the end of May enough money has been raised to provide the mattresses for the boys and consultation is ongoing with NIEA regarding the student sponsorship programme.


Latest Update


A working group returned to Paippad in June 2011 and June 2013.  During these trips we again ran a sports programme with the Boys Haven, had additional lighting and ventilation fitted in the dining room and bought a new multi media computer for the boys to use to help with their studies. We also helped the folks at the Bible Seminary  launch their new website that will be used to keep past, present and future students updated on issues and events. We also supported an emergency appeal from the Principle of the Bible College when their drinking water well collapsed earlier this year and provided funding for an emergency power generator,  carried out maintenance repairs at the Seminary and provided new compouters for the library.


We are currently planning a return trip to Paippad in early 2015 with a mixed group of volunteers and considering how we can further promote the orphan support programme to provide funding for individual boys care.


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"Every time I come to India I get a much-needed shock treatment. I realize how spoiled I am. I repent for whining and complaining about stupid material things that don’t matter. After only a day here, I suddenly sense a new gratitude for running water, flush toilets, hot showers, a comfortable bed, reliable electricity and paved roads."


Extract from article in Charisma News. The author, J. Lee Grady, is the former editor of Charisma and the director of The Mordecai Project.


3 Orphans at the Boys Haven, Paippad June 2011

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