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We  are now broadcasting our Sunday services live on the internet using our Facebook Page.  We have stopped using the Livestream channel due to rising costs and falling numbers as more people have swtiched to watching on Facebook.


A number of our congregation are house bound due to illness and we can now bring church to them at home.  Many of our friends living and working overseas fellowship with us online.


Please feel free to join us for our regular service broadcasts.  Sing along with our praise and worship and hear the word of God preached Glenmachan style.  We pray you are blessed by the presence of the Holy spirit.


To listen to and view our live broadcasts,  please click here.

You can now watch our service broadcasts on your PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone or any other supported and internet connected device capable of accessing Facebook.


*Please note that the ability to view our broadcasts will depend very much on the quality of your broadband connection and the specification of your PC or device which is being used to access the service.  


Unfortunately we cannot be held liable or accountable for any disruption to service due to the diverse nature of the internet which is broadly beyond our control.

About public internet broadcasting...

Broadcasting each Sunday  11am and 6.30pm exclusively on facebook

Not able to make it out to church?

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Recorded sermons now online at

Want to listen again to a past sermon?  Now you can access and download audio podcasts of sermons preached from our pulpit by clicking here


You can now also listen to our Podcasts on iTunes.


Visit the iTunes Store and search for Glenmachan

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Want to watch a video recording of a past service broadcast?  


Now you can access and view video recordings of our broadcasts by clicking here