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Hello and welcome to our website.   Here you can keep up to date with activities taking place during the week at the church and find out what is going on at Glenmachan.


Happening this week...

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Welcome to The Church of God Glenmachan

Tuesday 17th November

60+ Fellowship 11am

Girls Brigade sections meet from 6.30pm


Wednesday 18th November

Bible Study and Prayer meeting with Tom Fleming


Thursday 19th November

Early morning prayer meeting 7-8am

Tots and Toddlers 10am - 12 Noon


Boys Brigade sections meet from 6.30pm


Friday 20th November

Adelphos mens fellowship 8pm


Saturday 21st November

Ladies Bus Run meeting at church for 8.45am

Start Rite 6.30pm


Sunday 22nd November

Morning Service and Communion 11am with Sunday School and Youth Church


Annual Enrolment 216th NI Girls Brigade 6.30pm.  


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to our Thursday morning sessions

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There's a lot going on at Glenmachan this year with great concerts and our 30th Anniversary celebrations.  Here are the headlines, check out our events page for more details:




Join our services live or catch up on recorded service broadcasts


Celebrating Thirty Years at Glenmachan

Christmas covering





Christmas Grotto

and Fair

26-28 November

ernie hasse

Ernie Hasse and Signature Sound

Christmas Concert - now booking